We all love a newly remodeled kitchen or a completely made-over bedroom, but, let’s be honest, we hate spending the thousands of dollars that it almost always costs to remodel or redesign. I’m right there with you.

So, today, I want to give you a couple of tips on how you can decorate and make BIG changes without breaking the bank.

First, paint, paint, PAINT! It is crazy how much paint can make a difference in a home. For only $40-60 a bucket, the completely different feel that paint can bring in a home makes it a cheap way to really add to or change the feel of your living space.

Second, lighting fixtures are everything. Yes, standard overhead lighting and light fixtures that can go anywhere are practical. But, if you really want to change the ambiance of a room, a great way that you can do that is through adding a few new lighting fixtures. You can go with a modern-looking lamp, a vintage chandelier, an industrial light source — whatever look you’re going for! The best part is, you know your budget, so, really, you can find the look you’re wanting in your price-range. Or, better yet, you can go thrift shopping or head over to your local flea market for a timeless second-hand fixture.

Next, try a DIY project! Now, before you breeze past this one because you deem yourself as “not crafty,” hear me out. Some of the beautiful home decor and furniture that you will see at interior design stores that can be very pricey are really just average-looking pieces of furniture that have been redesigned, painted, or sanded over. It’s true, this is a task that may seem daunting, but there are plenty of resources online that can show you how to distress a piece of furniture, what paint to use on different materials, or how to use different pieces of equipment. You can do it, I promise!

This next one is a little safer: Bring in an accent color into the room. A fairly inexpensive way to really change the feel of the room is to add an accent color. So, simply choose several items in your room — say, pillows, a table lamp, curtains, some picture frames, or a throw blanket — that you want to replace and to make stand out, and find those items in a color that you want to add to the room. The key here is to choose a color that isn’t too flashy, like a pastel, a gold tone, or a light color, but also isn’t too neutral or subtle.

Lastly, you could shop in your own home. What does this mean, exactly? Well, the reality is, you probably have a lot of great items already in your home, but you’ve been looking at them in the same spot for who knows how long. An easy and free way to redesign the look of your home is to take pieces from one room and move them into another. OR, look at the items that you may have in storage from moving or that you had forgotten about and see how you can use those!

We hope these tips were useful for you! Our designer, Rachel Rojas, is also an excellent resource for designing on a budget. She does an awesome job of working in her client’s budgets, so contact her at (615) 682-1250 for a consultation today!