The days are slowly getting longer and the weather is slowly getting warmer. That means that our spirits are slowly getting brightened as well. Another way for our spirits to be brightened in the spring is sprucing up the interiors of our homes and businesses. A good interior makeover, along with opening your windows and cleaning out clutter can make for a fantastic spring.

Here are 6 easy interior decorating ideas that you may warm up to as the weather warms this spring:

  1. Paint your cabinets – Your kitchen cabinets don’t have to continue to look like they do right now. They are dated, dark and leave you a little depressed, if you’re honest. Make your kitchen feel new and renovated simply by slapping a coat of a bright, fun color on them this spring.
  2. Splurge on high end bedding – If you’ve been waiting for the right time to replace the bedding you’ve had for years upon years, this is it. The bed is essentially the centerpiece of your room, and the first and last thing you see each day, so it’s worth making it a spot you love. Use this spring to make a change to your bedding.
  3. Swap out your curtains – They do it regularly in the Oval Office — why not give it a try in your home? Swapping out curtains can make a major aesthetic impact on your space, depending on the color, style and texture you use.
  4. Invest in a quirky light fixture – A great light fixture can become the centerpiece of a room. Find a fixture that matches your personality. If you take some time you can easily find a fixture that is both playful and sophisticated.
  5. Go Green – Plants inside your home can have plenty of health benefits and they also just make any space look better — and besides, greenery is the color of the year. Add some foliage to your home in a dramatic way, like lining each shelf of a bookcase with plants (we’re not talking a single flower in a vase!) and watch spring bloom indoors. Create spring inside even before it blooms outside!
  6. Get Rid of Your Blank Walls – Look around – there are a lot of open spaces on your walls. It’s time to add an accent wall of color, an accent wallpapered wall, new paintings, new family pictures, wall ornaments and more. Spring time is a great time to make a statement and to eliminate the boredom of your home or office.

Interior decorating is a fun way to bring spring sooner and to make your life happier. All of this can happen very easily by hiring an interior decorator to help you with ideas, resources, contractors, etc. In Nashville, contact Rachel at [email protected] or call her at 615.682.1250. You can visit her web site at www.interiorcreationsbyrachel.com as well. She is an award-winning decorator that would love to assist you this spring!