Delivering your project on time, to cost, and to the highest quality in an efficient manner and with minimal disruptions to your day-to-day life is a tall order, but we are up to it. Your project will be taken great care of by an experienced project manager whose job is to manage all the work involved in bringing your project to life. You can expect in Rachel an effective communicator both verbally and in writing, a great people manager, a fantastic negotiator, and someone who is very organized with a strong technical knowledge of interior design.

As your project manager, you will be provided with overall project coordination and planning with a specific focus on time, cost, and performance targets. Rachel will take care of the following:

  • Organizing, scheduling, and checking deliveries of materials (timber, bathroom fittings, flooring, etc.).
  • Organizing and managing the schedule of work—ensuring the right people are on-site in the right order, thus minimizing stress and downtime, and improving efficiency.
  • Sourcing furniture, appliances, and tradespeople, and obtaining estimates for work you want to be done.
  • Manage tradespeople (builders, specialist kitchen, and bathroom fitters, gardeners, etc.).
  • Being on-site regularly to oversee and manage tradespeople and make sure they are doing what was in the plan.